Hiring on TranslateBook is fast. In just a minute or two you can create your job posting and publish it to thousands of contractors. You can also search our directory and invite specific contractors to your job.











Manage online

TranslateBook helps you stay in sync with your contractors. With time tracking and status reporting tools, you have a new level of visibility to work-in-progress.











Collaborate online

Upon hiring, each job is assigned a secure workroom where you can collaborate with your contractors and get maximum visibility to work in progress.
















Pay for results and hours worked

TranslateBook provides a secure, hassle-free, and automated system to easily pay your contractors for results and hours worked. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal. If you are a large business, we also offer payment terms. 












Eliminate paperwork

Breeze through the hiring process without lengthy and expensive negotiations: the TranslateBook User Agreement defines the work relationship between contractors and clients including, Intellectual Property, confidentiality, and disputes.